Paenga whawha (April) 2007 updated 6th April

Te Haerenga

Te haerenga 2007 is now under way. Our first of 5 weekend gatherings happened on the weekend of the 30th March at Hairini Marae in Tauranga. Te Haerenga is growing and has over 120 participants including children. About 90% of last years participants have returned to help run this years one. Many have been turned away because of the numbers and already ideas and requests have been put forward to run Te haerenga in other regions.

It kind of feels like hugging a giant water balloon, you hug the middle and the top & bottom expands, you gather the top and the bottom expands, you try to push the top down and the middle expands.

Our overseas portion (phase 2) is to Hawaii and will be leaving NZ during School holidays in July 07. 70 people are intending on going.

Our second weekend gathering is the weekend of April 13th and will be hosted on the west coast in Kawhia.

Updates & photos of our gatherings here                                          

What is Te haerenga all about? >>more info

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Pacific Quest DTS 2007

At this point in time PQDTS this September is unlikely to happen due to the lack of staff. However a decision is yet to be made. PQDTS is our international face of Island Breeze NZ where international students come to do their discipleship training school for 5-6 months based on local Marae which is the heartbeat of Maori communities. PQDTS is mobile and moves to different Marae every so often. The outreach location is in the Pacific.

what is PQDTS all about? >>more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

Last month we performed at a Lions Club convention. No bookings yet for this month.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

Specifically Pacific (SP) has started at 'Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Otepou' a local total immersion maori school. This term our focus is on Samoa in which we will teach various aspects of Samoan culture.

The first term has just come to an end and all schools are on holiday. The first term went well as we taught songs/dances and touched on other aspects on Samoan culture such the language, traditional tattoos, history and finishing with a Samoan meal.

Next term we focus on another island in the pacific.

Plans for a school trip to Hawaii in September are still in the process. A meeting is scheduled with the parents to discuss this further.

If you wish to contribute to this, please contact us

SP began to teach at another local school 'Te kura o matapihi' and taught there for 4 days on Hawaii. Kids learnt about the different musical implements and the names used in their dances, they learnt a few Hawaiian basic dance moves and have learnt a Hawaiian song.



1 Pray for financial provision for Te haerenga. There is a great need for financial assistance to keep Te haerenga operating. Amidst the demand to run Te Haerenga in other regions we still need funds to be able to run it.

2 Pray for Gods continued blessings for Specifically Pacific as we transfer the songs, dances, values and a positive role model to the children.

3 Pray for staff to staff and lead Pacific Quest DTS as well as students and that we would have the right strategy to do so.

Arohanui...Island Breeze New Zealand

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