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Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui

Te haerenga o mata whānui is a 2nd level Te haerenga programme for those who have done Te haerenga and wishes to go further. Te Haerenga o mata whānui is about broadening your horizons and going deeper in our understanding of who God is.

September was our very first gathering of this 2nd level programme which was held in Kawhia. The focus was on Te Reo (maori language) and Culture. It was an awesome weekend and great to see each other again. update 1.

Te Haerenga 2008

We have confirmed the dates for Te haerenga 2008. There will be two programmes running simutaniously. One in Kawhia and the other in Tauranga.

We are excited about this and see dynamic things happen.

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What is Te haerenga all about? >>more info

Pacific Quest DTS

PQDTS is postponed till 2008 due to the lack of staff & students. Please pray that God would develope a team to take care of this area of ministry in Island Breeze NZ.

what is PQDTS all about? >>more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

We were invited to perform in the Comoros (a group of Islands in between Mozambique and Madacascar) by the Malagasy Embassy immediately after Ramadan. This was a huge invite as it directly came from the nations Embassy but we were not able to get our airfares so unfortunately we had to decline the invitation. Our prayer is that door be open again some time.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

Specifically Pacific (SP) is going well at 'Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Otepou' a local total immersion maori school.

Term 3 has just started and our focus will be Fiji aswell as revisiting all the dances learnt throughout the year.

The students are enjoying learning different aspects of Pacific Island culture such as songs, dance, food, language, arts & crafts etc.


1 Pray for financial provision for Island Breeze NZ to cover operational costs as a ministry for all areas.

2 Pray for Gods continued blessings for Specifically Pacific as we transfer the songs, dances, values and a positive role model to the children.

3 Pray for staff to staff and lead Pacific Quest DTS as well as students and that we would have the right strategy to do so.

4 Pray for the development of Te Haerenga as it expands.

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