Hui Tanguru (February) 2007

Preparations for Te Haerenga

Kia ora everyone! We are really excited about out next Te Haerenga which starts the end of March 2007. Right now we are finalizing speakers and gathering registration forms to confirm peoples attendance. As of now there are 13 adults, 12 young adults and 13 children who come from Tauranga, Kawhia and Taumarunui. NEWS BREAK!! currently there are 20 adults, 19 teenagers and 22 children confirmed plus operating staff of 11 adults and 17 kids.

Our overseas portion (phase 2) is to Hawaii and will be leaving NZ during School holidays in July 07

Most of those who participated in last years Te haerenga have returned to help run this next one.

Dessert night fundraiser

Island Breeze is having a dessert night fundraiser. Funds raised will go to the operating costs for Te Haerenga

  • March 15th 2007

  • 7:30pm

  • Hairini Marae, Tamahika St Tauranga

what is Te haerenga all about? >>more info

If you wish to donate funds and help us. Please contact us today.

>> click here for achieved updates on Te haerenga 2006

Pacific Quest DTS 2007

This year we are still planning on running PQDTS this September. At the moment are need of staff. Would appreciate your prayers in this area.

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

On February 6th we performed with many local artist from Tauranga. This was a very special occasion as it celebrates 'waitangi day' (a day in history when a treaty was signed between Maori & the British crown) A stage was set up at the main beach of Mount Maunganui as hundreds gathered to see the many talented skills displayed by local acts. Students of Specifically pacific (below) also danced with us.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

Last year we began a new community initiative run out of 'Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Otepou' a local total immersion maori school. SP teaches aspects of pacific cultures such as customs, songs, dances, language etc. This programme was very successful at the school and among the community as students performed their stuff at various community events in Tauranga. Right now parents of the students are preparing to fundraise as we take them on an overseas trip to Hawaii in September 07 during school holidays.

Hosting 'All tribes' DTS

We were blessed to host 'All tribes' DTS for a week here in Tauranga as they prepared to go to Tahiti for their last leg of outreach. The team was hosted at Romai Marae. The week consisted of cultural orientation to NZ and for Tahiti as well as some rest and team time. 'All tribes' DTS is run by Island Breeze Australia.

All tribes DTS (Samoa & Tahiti outreach team)


Video series: Developing the video series we created and used on Impact World Tour NZ to share the gospel in a relevant way in NZ as well as to provide resources for churches, youth groups, home groups… to help aid in the discipleship of Maori in their journey with Jesus.

This project is being processed with Shaneane Totorewa and Marina Peautolu (both Island Breeze NZ leaders). Together they developed an awesome 3 part video series approx 5-7 mins each, presenting the Gospel in a story-telling way that was typical Maori/Kiwi. The character used in the narration was a character named ‘Kimiora’ (which means to seek life). Kimiora is your typical Maori/Kiwi guy, mid thirties, solo parent, bought up in a non Christian family with common issues. Kimiora takes us on a journey with things in his life as he reflects on a conversation with his friend. Kimiora leaves us in suspense through out the series but doesn’t make the commitment. (Which is the cue for someone live to speak to the audience).  There is great interest to develop a new set of series ie ‘now that Kimiora is a Christian’ ‘What about culture?’ etc.. Both Shaneane & Marina are working on this in between raising children, and leadership responsibilities in Island Breeze NZ.



1 Pray for financial provision for Te haerenga

2 Pray for Gods continued blessings for Specifically Pacific.

3 Pray for staff to staff and lead Pacific Quest DTS.

Arohanui...Island Breeze New Zealand


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