Photos from Te Haerenga Kawhia & Tauranga


Practicing outside Reretewhioi Marae


Song writing workshop with Hanah



Kids games at Hairini Marae, Tauranga



Local kaumatua from Waiuku



Maurakau workshop with Chris Wiremu









Huitanguru (Feb) 2008 updated 15th March 08

Ngaa mihi nui ki a koutou katoa e paanuitia mai tenei panui o te marama o Huitanguru (greetings to you all who are reading this months newsletter)

Te Haerenga 2008

Te Haerenga has kicked off in both Tauranga and Kawhia. Both locations are doing well. A number of new participants are involved this from places such as Wanganui, Marton, Auckland, Waiuku, Tauranga and Kawhia.

Tauranga has had its first gathering and Kawhia has just completed their second which was held in Waiuku (Franklin area). We are excited about extending the boarders and see great potential in multiplying this in the Franklin area. The fourth weekend gathering for Kawhia will be hosted again in Waiuku area, so we are looking forward in strengthening the ties there.

Our next Te Haerenga gathering is a combined one (Tauranga & Kawhia) hosted in Kawhia. Steve Apirana is returning to Te Haerenga this year and is our guest speaker for the weekend.

Funds are still needed to help run Te Haerenga. Give us a call if you have a heart for this and are able to provide funding.

Click here for update.

What is Te haerenga all about? >more

Fundraising Banquet (Desert Night)

On the 27th March 2008 we are having another Desert Night in Tauranga for the purposes of raising funds for Te Haerenga. Last we had a fundraiser which raised $14,000.

Steve Apirana will be playing that night and John Dawson will also be sharing.

As mentioned above, give us a call if you have a heart for this and are able to provide funding. Approx $15k is needed to operate Te haerenga in one location so we need $30k

Pacific Quest DTS

We will be playing this by ear as the time gets closer. PQDTS is normally run in September.

What is PQDTS all about? >more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

No up and coming 'performances' happening in the near future although we have recently been invited to participate in a performing arts festival in Barcelona, Spain later on in the year. We are in communications with the organizer there so watch this space.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

The last two years we have been pioneering SP at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepou (local total immersion Maori language school) This has been a great avenue to link with the community.

Due to the busyness of Te Haerenga we are unable to do SP for the first half of the year but could be able to in the second half of the year.

>more info

Things in the pipeline

  • Resources: we have a desire to write small booklets that could help in the discipleship process for Maori. We have in mind to put together Maori proverbs and bring the truth and revelation out of them. as well as to compile life stories that relate to everyday issues etc.
  • Grants: we also would like to 'tap into' any funding that would help aid the projects we are under taking. Many people have said that there is a lot of funds 'out there' But haven't really helped us get 'out there'. So we are determined to get 'in there'



1 Pray for Te Haerenga as we give birth to it in another region. Pray that the dynamics of have two flow together. Pray that the places we are breaking ground would capture the heart of it and would have a vision to run it in their communities.

2 Pray for funding . Favour with funding agencies and people who have a heart for this ministry. About $30k is needed to run both Te Haerenga programmes. Pray for grant writers to help us write them and apply for them. Pray for the staff and leaders that they be provided for.

3 Pray for our communities. Pray that He be reflected in big and small ways. Pray that walls be rebuilt. Pray for the safety of our families and children. Pray for effective solutions to problems that face us all. Pray for a unified heart to make a difference.


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