Haratua - Pipiri (May-June) 2007 updated 2nd July

Te Haerenga

Te haerenga is going well, we have had our 4th gathering and getting ready for our last gathering for part one of Te Haerenga. Part two is completed in Hawaii.

The speakers have been absolutely fantastic, the dynamics of alternating regions between Tauranga and Kawhia have been great and have made ripple effects in communities.

Multiplying: As mentioned before in terms of its expansion, we have been looking for mid wives to give birth to Te Haerenga in other areas where needed. We have formulated a core team of national people to help with its growth. Next year there will be at least 2 Te Haerenga programmes run.

Hawaii: 33 people are confirmed and about 25 are still believing God to come through for them. The battle is really getting there and it is proving to be so as challenges are coming left right and center. Itís a spiritual battle as we fight and stand in the gap for Maori to be released.

Last gathering: Our last gathering is in Tauranga, maungatapu marae 15th-17th June.

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What is Te haerenga all about? >>more info

Pacific Quest DTS 2007

From last month: At this point in time PQDTS this September is unlikely to happen due to the lack of staff. However a decision is yet to be made. PQDTS is our international face of Island Breeze NZ where international students come to do their discipleship training school for 5-6 months based on local Marae which is the heartbeat of Maori communities. PQDTS is mobile and moves to different Marae every so often. The outreach location is in the Pacific.

what is PQDTS all about? >>more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

No performances as such.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

Specifically Pacific (SP) has started at 'Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Otepou' a local total immersion maori school.

This is going well. The first term was on Samoa and this term is on Tahiti/Cook Islands. The students are enjoying learning different aspects of Pacific Island culture such as songs, dance, food, language, arts & crafts etc.

The plan for a school trip to Hawaii in September has been postponed.

Island Breeze International conf

This yearís conference is hosted in Hawaii at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. The dates are 18th Ė 23rd June. We will have the opportunity to spend time with Loren & Darlene Cunningham (founders of YWAM)


1 Pray for financial provision for Te haerenga. There is a great need for financial assistance to keep Te haerenga operating. Amidst the demand to run Te Haerenga in other regions we still need funds to be able to run it.

2 Pray for Gods continued blessings for Specifically Pacific as we transfer the songs, dances, values and a positive role model to the children.

3 Pray for staff to staff and lead Pacific Quest DTS as well as students and that we would have the right strategy to do so.

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