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Karen & one of the local weavers



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Loren Cunningham at the UofN



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Haratua - Hongongoi (May - July) 2008 updated 16th Aug 08

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa e panuitia mai tenei panui o te marama o Pipiri (greetings to you all who are reading this months newsletter)

Te Haerenga 2008

Te Haerenga 08 has finished for the year and as you read through each update you’ll see that God certainly blessed our time this year. All the speakers were fantastic, people gave their hearts to the Lord, new relationships built with new communities etc.

Had a powerful time in Hawaii with the total immersion Hawaiian schools, churches and local communities. Most of the team consisted of Te Haerenga leaders. It was a very special time of heart linking our prophetic stories with what the Lord is doing in Hawaii and the pacific as well as Historical events in Hawaii.

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What is Te haerenga all about? >more

Te Haerenga o mata whanui

Right now we are getting ready for our 2nd phase of Te Haerenga called Te Haerenga o mata whanui (broadening your horizons)

These are monthly weekend Marae gatherings over a period of 4 months and is for those who have done Te Haerenga.

Its purpose is to go deeper with God, develop a stronger base in the language and other Maori values and at the same time leadership development to help facilitate the next Te Haerenga in 2009.

Te Haerenga o mata whanui will start 22nd Aug and will rotate within the different communities we work in.

Te Haerenga 2009

Our dates are yet to be finalized but will definitely start in Feb 2009 with at least 2 locations. We are currently working on the dates, locations and speakers.

Fundraising Banquet (Desert Night)

Updating on the fundraising Banquet for Te Haerenga held earlier in the year with John Dawson, Steve Apirana and a number of key people.

$12,000 was pledged in which 80% came in.

We were not able to meet the required budget to run Te Haerenga for the year with two operating locations. However we will still go ahead in providing the service needed to for the different communities come what may.

Pacific Quest DTS

PQDTS 2009 is postponed till next year.

What is PQDTS all about? >more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

The invitation to Barcelona, Spain did not go through. Organizers of the festival were looking for Melanesian dances in which we were not able to fulfill.

Locally: We are walking towards opportunities in providing Maori entertainment in the tourism area. We have begun the process with a local business person who has asked us to provide such entertainment along side the thing they are doing in tourism. Our promo night is 31st July 2009.

 Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

The last two years we have been pioneering SP at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepou (local total immersion Maori language school) This has been a great avenue to link with the community.

As from our last newsletter we were unable to do SP for the first half of the year due to Te Haerenga being in two locations. The rest of the year seems to be busy too.

>more info

Things in the pipeline

.        Resources: we have a desire to write small booklets that could help in the discipleship process for Maori. We have in mind to put together Maori proverbs and bring the truth and revelation out of them. as well as to compile life stories that relate to everyday issues etc. Still in process.

.        Grants: we also would like to 'tap into' any funding that would help aid the projects we are under taking. Many people have said that there is a lot of funds 'out there' But haven't really helped us get 'out there'. So we are determined to get 'in there'. Still in process.



1 Pray for Te Haerenga o mata whanui as we go deeper in God and build stronger foundations.

2 Pray for funding . Favour with funding agencies and people who have a heart for this ministry. Pray for grant writers to help us write them and apply for them. Pray for the staff and leaders that they be provided for.

3 Pray for our communities. Pray that He be reflected in big and small ways. Pray that walls be rebuilt. Pray for the safety of our families and children. Pray for effective solutions to problems that face us all. Pray for a unified heart to make a difference.


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