Whiringa a Nuku, Whiringa a Rangi, Hakihea (Oct-Dec) 2007 updated 28th Dec

Kia ora everyone and merry Christmas to you all! Time has certainly gone by very quickly. So much that we haven't been able to keep up with our monthly newsletters.

Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui

As you know from our last newsletter we had started a second Te Haerenga programme called 'Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui' which is for those who have done Te Haerenga and wishes to go further. Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui is about broadening your horizons and going deeper in our understanding of who God is.

We met in the weekend on local Marae once a month from Sep to Dec (4 times) with a different focus each weekend.

-Maori language and what is redemptive in Maori culture update 1

-Hearing Gods voice - recognizing the way He communicates update 2

This weekend we gathered in Tauranga to do a church service at the Welcome Bay Baptist Church and met afterward to discuss and plan for 2008.

Our final gathering was on relationships. It was an awesome weekend, rich with revelation, participation and fun at the same time. One thing that stood out is the need to apply what we are great at doing corporately, as a collective body of people and culture to our own individual personal lives. ie, A culture in general can be great at hospitality, honoring and respectful of others, yet as individuals it could be a different story.

All in all, Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui has been great and definitely needed to keep the connection, grow together and prepare and plan for 2008. Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui will be run again next year after Te Haerenga and may have a part 2 attached to it as well.

Te Haerenga 2008

Well, just a couple of months to go! There will be two programmes running simutaniously. One in Kawhia and the other in Tauranga. Kawhia starts 15th Feb and Tauranga the end of Feb

We are currently gathering the level of interest from people at the moment to help with our preparation. We are excited about this and see dynamic things happen.

Click here for update.

What is Te haerenga all about? >more

Pacific Quest DTS

PQDTS is postponed till 2008 due to the lack of staff & students. Please pray that God would develop a team to take care of this area of ministry in Island Breeze NZ.

What is PQDTS all about? >more info

Island Breeze Polynesian expressions.

We had participated in a few community events ie 'Party in the Park' in Gate Pa, Tauranga, 'Christmas in the Bay' and a couple of end of the year functions for local organizations.

Specifically Pacific (a new community initiative)

Specifically Pacific (SP) went well at 'Te Kura kaupapa Maori o Otepou' a local total immersion maori school.

Term 3 was on Fiji as well as revisiting all the dances learnt throughout the year.

One of the highlights was having a Fijian team visit with us sharing about language, dance and life in Fiji. One of the team members Kali Selei was 7ft 8, the tallest man in the South Pacific!


1 Pray for financial provision for Island Breeze NZ to cover operational costs as a ministry for all areas.

2 Pray for funding for Te Haerenga. Favour with funding agencies and people who have a heart for this ministry. About $30k is needed to run them both.

3 Pray for staff to staff and lead Pacific Quest DTS as well as students and that we would have the right strategy to do so.

4 Pray for the development of Te Haerenga as it expands.

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