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(all figures are in New Zealand dollars)


Fee Payment to Island Breeze PQDTS Payment required by:
1. Registration Fee: $40
Your application processing fee.
With application (application cannot be processed without this).
2. Deposit Fee: $500
Administration costs in preparation for beginning of the course, airfare deposit for outreach.
Once accepted, send this within 3 weeks of receiving Letter of acceptance to secure your position on the school. The remaining $7,500 of the course costs will be due on or before the day course commences.
3. DTS Course Costs: $8,000
The $8,000 fee covers: Tuition Fees:  Room and board (ie food and accommodation): Outreach expenses (food, accommodation, airfares, transport, visa for outreach)

It does not include: - Personal expenses such as toiletries, laundry, snacks and postage, etc. -
Due on or before the day course commences.
Note: Students will not be able to begin their course unless they are able to make these payments. However, if you contact the school director and explain your financial situation, another payment schedule may be arranged.


Refund Policy
Payment of the refund will be:
a) Paid directly to student unless a written request is made by the student to make payment to someone else.
b) Paid in $NZD unless this is not practical. If payment is requested in another currency, bank fees will be deducted from the total refund.
c) Paid to the student as soon as practical but no later than six weeks after it is due.


Reason for Refund Notification Period Refund ($NZD)
1. Registration fee n/a $40 non-refundable
2. Deposit fee n/a $500 less non refundable expenses ie airfare deposits etc
I. Student withdraws before course commences for reason of:
(a) voluntary withdrawal
(b) visa is denied
For any period up to course commencement: Total refund of course costs.
No Course Cost refunds will be issued beyond the 4th week. In the event of an unplanned departure from the DTS, the following refund schedule will apply:
II. Student withdraws after course commences for reason of:
(a) voluntarily withdrawal
(b) breach of visa conditions
(c) breach of providerís rules.
From course commencement after the:
1st week:
2nd week:
3rd week:
4th week:
5th week:

 80% of course costs
 60% of course costs
 40% of course costs
 20% of course costs

Other Living expenses

Apart from fees listed on the Financial Agreement Form, money to cover personal expenses will be required. Some of these personal expenses would be as follows: phone calls, postage, entertainment, laundry, snacks, sight seeing, personal travel, toiletries, etc. Past students have suggested that to cover these necessities and have some money to spend on social activities, you will need between NZD$10-$20 per week. This depends on your personal needs and your spending habits.

How to Make Payment of Fees

All payments must be made in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

3 different Options

1.  New Zealand cheques or International bank drafts:
Overseas students can pay for fees in the form of an International Bank Draft made payable in New Zealand dollars. These should be made out to "Island Breeze Youth With A Mission", not to the Student or particular school.

Please Note: We do not accept personal overseas cheques for payment, as this attracts other bank processing fees and can take many months to process and clear.

2. Electronic/wire transfer:
This directly transfers money from your bank account into ours. You must arrange this through your bank.

     a) Put your name as a reference on the wire transfer.

  • Bank details: Westpac 
  • Account No: 03 0445 0215119 02  
  • Account Name: Island Breeze Training account
  • Swift code: WPACNZ 2W


3. Credit card:

We are set up to receive credit card details in two ways

  1. Phone/fax: Where you fax or call us with your credit card details to Ph/Fax + 64 7 544 7172
  2. Face to face:  When you arrive with your credit card in person.





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