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FAQ's for Parents

Island Breeze strive to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Will my son/daughter be able to keep in communication with me while on DTS?
We understand that it’s important to keep in communication while on the DTS.  We will provide students with contact numbers that you may use to reach them at any time.  We will also make sure that they have opportunity to use the internet to send and receive emails and have access to a telephone.  In case of emergencies please contact Ray and Shaneane Totorewa (Island Breeze Directors) 
at +64 7 544 7172.

Will they be safe?  What about on outreach?
The safety of the students if of highest priority to us.  We will do everything in our power to make sure that the students are kept safe and not put into any situation that could bring them harm.  We assess the risks of all outreach locations and would not knowingly take students into an unsafe environment.  Accidents can happen and in the event of an accident we will make sure that students receive any treatment necessary immediately.

Can I visit my son/daughter while they are on the DTS?
Yes!  PQDTS welcomes the families of students to visit them if they wish to.  We ask that the students talk with their school leader before making any plans however to work out the most beneficial time.  We recommend that you come to visit at the end of the school so you can be present at the graduation ceremony and carry on travelling together once the student is over.   

Will you pick the students up at the airport?
We ask that the students arrange travel down to Tauranga and we will pick them up upon arrival here.  We will make every effort to welcome them to
New Zealand and make them feel at home. 

Should I buy them a phone card before they leave?
Buying your child a phone card so that they can communicate back home is great idea!  We suggest that they buy it from over here however as the rates are much cheaper when purchased from within
New Zealand . 

Can I receive updates from the school?
During the PQDTS we will endeavour to keep our website updated so that you can track what is happening on the DTS, where we are and how God is moving in and through the students.  We understand the desire to be “in the know” and are committed to this.  Please check out www.islandbreeze.org.nz and click on the PQDTS link.

Where do I send mail?
Please post mail for the students to:
Attn: name
PO BOX 15 - 036

Remember to check with your local post office to find out mailing times and prices as they vary from country to country as well as with the size of your parcel. 



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