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FAQ's for Students

So... you have some questions... let us help.

How much spending money should I bring?
This is one of those questions that is pretty much up to you!  You can bring a little or a lot.  We’d recommend you bring as much as you can so that you have money for personal needs such as toiletries and laundry as well as to spend in your free time (ie going to the movies, buying coffee or snacks). However, you will be just fine if you only have a little.

Will my credit/debit card work over there?
Most likely, yes!  If your card has the Visa and or Plus sign on the back, it will work on most cash machines and at most business.  To be safe, check with your bank to make sure.  You will also want to check with your bank to find out about overseas transaction fees. 

How much stuff should I bring?
As this is a mobile school, we will be moving around a lot, therefore having to much stuff is not ideal.  We would suggest bringing one large bag or suitcase and than a smaller one (carry on backpack).  You’d be surprised how much you can fit into one big suitcase!  If you feel you must bring more things, check with your airline in order to find out what their limits are.  A good rule of thumb is if you can’t carry it yourself, it’s too much! You will usually be able to do laundry fairly often so that will cut down on how many outfit changes you need.

Will I be able to use the internet?
Of course!  We understand how important it is to keep up communication with friends and family during your time on DTS.  We will do all that we can to make sure you are able to do this.  During the lecture phase we will provide you with a computer to use a least 2-3 times per week (usually for a small charge of $1.50 NZD per week) to send and receive emails.  There are also internet cafés that you will be able to use from time to time.  While on outreach we can’t guarantee how often you will be able to use the internet, but we will again make it a priority to allow you proper time to keep up on communication.  Please note: time will be limited in order to accommodate all students as well as to respect those we are being hosted by.

What about the phone?
We will do our best to make sure a phone is available for you to use all throughout the DTS.  While on the lecture phase, you will be able to use the phone at the places we will be staying.  While on outreach you will also have access to a phone, availability will vary based on location. Please note: time will be limited in order to accommodate all students as well as to respect those we are being hosted by.

Can my family come visit me?
Here at PQDTS we appreciate that families may want to come visit you while you are on the school and we welcome them to do so.  Please discuss this with the school leader beforehand to work out the most beneficial time.  We recommend that if family or friends want to come visit that they plan to be there for your graduation at the end of the school.    

Will I have any free time?
Yes!  While our weeks will be pretty full on, we do believe it’s important to have free time.  We will do our best to organize activities for you to do in this time as well as let you have time to just “chill out!”.  We do recommend that you don’t make any plans regarding your free time until the school has started and you have been able to look over the schedule.    

Can you pick me up at the airport in Auckland?
We ask that you arrange transportation to Tauranga.  You can do this by bus or by air.  For bus information, please check out www.intercitycoach.co.nz and for air check out www.airnewzealand.co.nz and www.freedomair.co.nz.

Should I bring any bedding?
Yes, please bring sheets (at least a bottom sheet) and other bedding.  A sleeping bag is the easiest as it travels well and will keep you nice and warm.  Note: you will also need to bring your own towel.

Should I buy a phone card?
Yes, we recommend that you buy it from within
New Zealand in order to get the best rates.  Upon your arrival we can recommend the best card to purchase. 

Will I need adaptors for my electrical appliances?
This depends on what country you are coming from.  Most likely yes,
New Zealand uses a 240 volt system.  Adaptors can be purchased upon your arrival however for a small price should you need one.

What if I want to come early or stay in New Zealand after the school is over?
Go for it!
  New Zealand
is a wonderful country with much to see and do.  Please note however that PQDTS will only offer accommodation for the dates stated in your acceptance information (usually from the starting of the school on through the night of graduation.).  Please ask your school staff if you have questions regarding this. 


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