What is Te Haerenga


Te Haerenga (The Journey) is an innovative new venture that incorporates basic discipleship and Maori (native New Zealand) cultural values with an overseas cross-cultural mission opportunity. Designed with Maori in mind, Te Haerenga uses the concept of Marae stays (Maori traditional place of gathering) to facilitate weekend gatherings, every third weekend over a 4-5 month period, ending with a 2 week trip overseas.

Te Haerenga is facilitated by the leadership team of Island Breeze NZ. Island Breeze NZ was birthed in 1990 and is one of 10 operating locations in the world. Island Breeze is an international mission organization which is part of Youth with a Mission.




Te Haerenga has been developed in response to the need Island Breeze has seen for culturally relevant evangelism and discipleship specific to Maori.

Many Maori over the years have embraced Christianity yet at the same time they have been blurred as to where they should stand as Maori. This issue has caused some frustration and confusion and as a result people have swung to extremes, totally rejecting one or the other. Yet Gods’ intention for all peoples of the earth is that they both be whole-heartedly embraced.

Te Haerenga helps in the process of reconciling the two and presenting the Gospel in a way that assures there is no dichotomy between the two.




The aim of these gatherings is to provide teaching and understanding geared towards discovering the fullness of who Jesus is and what He has done for each of us, who God has created Maori to be, and implementing those two things into everyday life. It is our desire that, together with this fresh understanding and the overseas trip, participants would:

(a) Be inspired to continue their journey in discovering a relationship with Jesus

(b) Recognize the contribution they have as Maori, within the nations

(c) Embrace God’s heart for missions

(d) Develop strong relationships with other believers that can support them in their journey

Our intention is to also provide a bridge for participants that creates pathways to church involvement, further discipleship and training as well as continued mission opportunitiess.



Who is Te Haerenga for?

Te Haerenga is for anyone on a journey to discover Jesus. For non-Christians it creates a safe and familiar environment to discover a relationship with Jesus, and for those that are already Christians, it provides discipleship relevant for their lives.  We have Christian and non-Christian participants; active gang members and church elders; single parents and youth at risk; grandparents and kids.  A wide variety of people that are at different stages of the same journey.  Some seeking and some establishing.



What does the schedule look like?

The overall schedule for the weekend consists of guest speakers and activities in the afternoon such as maurakau (ancient style of discipline using long clubs), kapahaka (song & dance), raranga  (weaving) and waka ama (outrigger canoeing).


The use of the reo (Maori language) is encouraged and used throughout our gatherings on all levels.

Kids programme: There is also a kids programme through out the weekend which is split into 3 age groups. A group of staff take care of the kids during each session.



Rangatahi programme (teenagers): Teenagers will also have their own programme which is overseen and facilitated by staff.


Objectives & strategies

  1. To multiply this model nationally

    1. Continue to promote and run Te Haerenga. The multiplication will be a natural progression.

  2. To develop and train leaders to run Te Haerenga

    1. Mentorship one on one

    2. Identify the leaders and give responsibility

    3. Run our 2nd level programme ‘Te Haerenga O Mata Whanui’ (broadening your horizons) with an emphasis of leadership

  3. To create yet another level of Te Haerenga on par with a DTS

    1. Think of a model to accommodate families, marae, oversees outreach, affordability

                                                               i.      A possible name for this could be ‘Te Haerenga Ki Te Taumata’ (the Taumata is where the wise sit)

  1. To have the funds in order to operate Te Haerenga on all levels nationally

    1. Define and create a budget

    2. Get 3 sixty up and running

    3. Communicate to churches in NZ



(Since it began in 2006, the fruits of Te Haerenga have been amazing)

  1. Multiplication and inspiration

    • Nationally

      • Currently run in 2 locations, Tauranga and Kawhia and will be run in a 3rd location in Waiuku in 2010.

      • A great interest in other regions also to run Te Haerenga

    • Internationally

      • First Nations of USA are interested in what we are doing

      • Key leaders in Australia are looking at ways to adopt this that would help in Aboriginal communities

  2. People giving their lives to Christ

    • 1st year – 100% of non-Christian participants gave their hearts to the Lord

    • 2nd year – 90% of non-Christian participants gave their hearts to the Lord

    • 3rd year – 90% of non- Christian participants gave their hearts to the Lord

      • All of the participants that are yet to make a commitment for the Lord have returned each year to continue on with the programme.

  3. People being established in their identity

  4. One degree of change being made in individuals lives

  5. A greater desire to grow

    • In God

    • In their relationship within their own families

    • In their understanding of who they are as Maori

    • In leadership

  6. 85% turn over to continue on in Te Haerenga and helping run the next ones that follow.

  7. The number of participants from many communities

    • 2006: 35 adults & 25 kids

      • Participants from Tauranga, Te Aroha, Kawerau, Putaruru & Tirau

    • 2007: 120 Adults, teenagers & children

      • Participants from Tauranga, Hamilton, Putaruru, Tirau, Martin,Taumarunui & Kawhia

    • 2008: Te Haerenga operating in two locations - Tauranga & Kawhia

      • Participants from Tauranga, Kawhia, Waiuku, Auckland, Tirau and Wanganui, Hamilton

  8. International exposure  - most have never been on a plane before.

    • 2006:  11 adults and 13 kids (including 5 families)

    • 2007:  45 adults, teen & kids (including 10 families)

    • 2008:  34 adults, teens & kids (including 10 families)

What happens after Te Haerenga?

During this process we have developed another Te Haerenga programme called ‘Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui’ which means broadening your horizons, going deeper etc.

Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui is run the same way as Te Haerenga with monthly gatherings. Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui is for those who have done Te Haerenga and wishes to go further.

We give focus to one particular topic/subject each weekend such as, hearing Gods voice, relationships, cultural redemption, language and customs, church history, leadership development.

Te Haerenga o Mata Whanui helps maintain and nurture the relationships built as well as to prepare for the following Te Haerenga.

Te Haerenga overseas portion in Hawaii 2008

The underlying philosophy

The underlying philosophy of Te Haerenga is this

1.      Belong

2.      Believe

3.      Behave

A pattern we as a church in general have used, is the opposite approach and that is ‘change your behavior, believe and then you belong.

When there is a sense of acceptance, embracement and belonging, people will hear and believe what you have to say and as a result change their behavior.


What they have said

“I'm very passionate about Maori Christians connecting to their God and to their precious culture and who God created them to be.  "Te Haerenga" which means "The Journey" is an amazing vehicle God has provided for his people and I'm not just meaning Maori.  For me I needed answers and so I traveled to Tauranga and back and have never regretted the decision.  For me it was the first time I felt safe enough in God to explore my Maori culture and it was in a supportive and prayerful environment - I re-connected with God in a way that I've never been able to and I've been a Christian now for 24yrs now.  The speakers are well respected, talented, wise and amazing men and women of God.  It was awesome to sit under their teaching, to be challenged, blessed and in my case reunited with Jesus in a powerful way!”

Melody Nightingale


 “For me, Te Haerenga has been a life changing experience for both my husband and I. Around the time we did our first one, we had just had our second child. I had been wanting to know more about marriage and what it was, so we had been going to a marriage counselor at the time. We weren’t walking with the Lord but people kept coming across our paths.  We were visiting a church one Sunday and we approached  about te haerenga. We were at the right place at the right time. We were both really keen although we didn’t know what to expect. We were excited we’d get to learn some Maori language, and the way people do things on the Marae, and also traveling to Hawaii. We knew we’d be learning about God and we felt comfortable because of the Marae setting and other Maori’s being around. The setting was great and very intimate. I was able to ask questions relevant to myself as a Maori and express my feelings.

It was a big milestone in my life. If we hadn’t done it, I don’t think would be as committed in the church as we are now.

When we went to Hawaii, we just had this revelation of God. We got married, while we were there, and came back and got baptized. It was an affirming time for us, understanding who God is, and that we can have a relationship with him. 


Lorell Walker


What is ahead for Te Haerenga?

Ø      We continue to develop and run Te Haerenga. There is, as mentioned above, great interest to run Te Haerenga in other communities in NZ.

Ø      We are also aware that we can only multiply to the speed of our maturity as staff and leaders so we are not in a rush to multiply as it will happen naturally and at the right time even though the seams appear to be busting!  However, an emphasis on leadership development is imperative to multiplying the DNA of Te Haerenga.



Would you help continue this work with us?

Here is our greatest need

Ø      Part of the process in moving ahead is raising on-going sustainable funds to operate Te Haerenga. It costs around $20,000NZD to operate one Te Haerenga.

One of our strategies in raising funds, is an idea called ‘3 sixty degrees’ in which we hope to rally 360 people to support Te Haerenga $10 a month for a year which is renewable at the end of the year.

We are very excited about ‘3 sixty degrees’

The concept is our hope and vision to see Maori make a complete 360 degree turn around. Not going in the opposite direction of who they are as Maori nor in the opposite direction of being disciples of Jesus, but fully embracing both.

Would you pray about being a part of 3 sixty degrees and get behind this model of discipleship for Maori? We would be honored to have your support!

What do I do?

1.      Pray about if your are to get behind this and give it your support

2.      Fill out an information slip so that we know who our supporters are and also to communicate any updates on Te Haerenga.

3.      Make payment arrangements of $10 a month for a year to the Island Breeze NZ account.

If you are from overseas

a.       You can write a check of $10 to Island Breeze every month and send it to our postal address.

b.      You can write a check of $120 for the year to Island Breeze and send it to our postal address.

                                                               i.      Alternatively you can pay by Visa or Master Card. Your card details are to be given by fax or by phone. (nb: we are unable to process Amex)

Nb: we can write you a receipt but am not sure if foreign receipts are recognized in your country for tax purposes.

            If you are from USA

·        You can do the above also or donate via the University of the Nations to receive a tax receipt.

o       Our donor name and number is Island Breeze NZ 6190

o       Simply send a check to the ‘University of the Nations Ywam Kona’ made out to them.

o       On a separate piece of paper write our name and donor number

o       They will forward a check to us and will send you a receipt (the UofN will take a 2 percent commission)





            If you are within NZ

a.       You can set up an automatic payment of $10 a month into the Island Breeze account.

b.      Internet banking

c.       Or you can do the options above.


Our Bank details

Bank: Westpac

Branch: Tauranga (cnr of Cameron Rd & 11th Ave)

Number: 03 0445 0215119 02

Name: Island Breeze

Swift code: WPAC NZ2


Nb: please indicate your name and the number 360 on any Automatic Payments or internet banking.


Our postal address

Po Box 15 036

Tauranga, 3001

New Zealand


Other details

Email: 360@islandbreeze.org.nz , Website: www.islandbreeze.org.nz

Phone: +64 7 7172, Fax: +64 7 7172



            University of the Nations (UofN)

Donor services 75-5851 Kuakini Hwy #433

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 USA


Ph: 808 326 4453

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