Interested in working with Island Breeze? GREAT! We have a place for you!

So you have a few questions first?

How old do I have to be?
From 18 years …

Do I have to be Polynesian to join Island Breeze?
Absolutely not! Island Breeze is cross-cultural in focus and make-up. We are all made in the image of God, so the more diversity we have in our midst the greater our picture of God becomes.

Are there any requirements?
Discipleship Training School - but don't let this stop you if you have not yet done one. We can link you into a school. Must have a commitment to continue to grow in a personal relationship with God and the knowledge of His Character. Must have a desire to serve and learn from people of other cultures. Must go through the usual application process. You need to have good references.

But I can't dance!
That's alright, you don't have to. Island Breeze is so much more than just the stage presentation. Here are some of the vacancies we have available at the moment.

- Secretary/Reception
- Accounts personnel
- Communications personnel
- Recruitment staff

- Pacific Quest Discipleship Training School staff (PQDTS)
Starts September of every year

- Full time staff with a heart for intercession

- Dancers (Male and Female)
- Musicians: guitarist, drummer, vocalists

If you have a heart to be in Island Breeze but can't see yourself in any of the programmes mentioned above, don't let that stop you. Download our application form (*.PDF) or drop us a line, share what God has placed upon your heart and we can talk some more.

p +64 7 544-7172


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