Photos from Te Haerenga in Hawaii


Waiata at Puhi Bay



Karen & one of the local weavers



Mihi to the locals at Puhi Bay



Group photo at the luau



Loren Cunningham at the UofN



Girls shopping!



Hangi, Hawaiian stylz!



Danny getting a tatoo!






Kohitatea (Jan) 2010 updated 9th Feb 10

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa e panuitia mai tenei panui o te marama o Kohitatea (greetings to you all who are reading this months newsletter)

Well 2010 is surely on its way and we are just getting back on our feet again, after celebrating ywam 50th Jubilee and call2all and the Paicific Regional gathering! phew, already hitting the ground running!

Te Haerenga 2010

This is our 5th year in running Te Haerenga and it continues to grow be a breath of fresh air for us in Island Breeze NZ and we are loving the ground roots of life in Maori communities!

Speakers: Are yet to be confirmed but more then likely, we'll have the same front row of speakers such as, Chapman, Frank Naea, Steve Apirana, David Moko, Pane Kawhia, Jason Hotere and more to give input into Te Haerenga 10

What is Te haerenga all about? >more

3 Sixty degrees

This is one of our latest ideas to encourage people to sow into Te Haerenga. we are still way off the mark with just under half.

360 degrees is our heart and vision to see Maori make a complete 360 degree turn around, not going in the opposite direction of who they are as Maori nor in the opposite direction of who they are as followers of Jesus but embracing them both.

The aim is to gather 360 people to support Te Haerenga $10 a month for a year (which can be renewed at the end of the year) Our ultimate aim is to reach this goal by the end of Feb 09.

We love the idea and the concept of 360 degrees

This will bring in funds to help us continue what we believe to be an effective way to reach out to Maori communities in discipleship/missions/evangelism.

Interested? >Click here for more info


PQDTS 2010 is planned for Sep

What is PQDTS all about? >more info

Rongo te Ao (from last newsletter)

This is something we are still developing. It has been there for some time and its main purpose is to be the Maori umbrella that would embrace Te Haerenga and any other Maori focused service that is developed. Rongo te Ao can possibly be positioned to get funding from agencies.

Rongo te Ao explained: Rongo means peace and also has connections with other words. Rongoa is medicine or solution, whakarongo means listen, Rongopai is the good news. Rongo also is emotion and hear.

Ao basically means the world.

In the context of a Marae, and in particular the meeting house, the place of Peace is inside the meeting house. Its a place of rest, learning, a place that is secure and safe. Its the internal part of the marae make up. Outside the meeting house is the external part of the marae make up. Its the world and everything that we engage with in life.

Rongo te Ao is the inward outward process of knowing God and making Him known.

Rongo te Ao >more info

Things in the pipeline

This is still a desire for us to move forward in. The small booklets we have in mind will we believe to be a great tool for further growth. We so need to get pen to paper and just make a start!

.        Resources: we have a desire to write small booklets that could help in the discipleship process for Maori. We have in mind to put together Maori proverbs and bring the truth and revelation out of them. as well as to compile life stories that relate to everyday issues etc. Still in process.

.        Grants: we also would like to 'tap into' any funding that would help aid the projects we are under taking. Many people have said that there is a lot of funds 'out there' But haven't really helped us get 'out there'. So we are determined to get 'in there'. Still in process and have seen and encouraging start.



1 Pray for Te Haerenga 2010 as we begin the journey yet again. Pray for wisdom as we navigate our way through the months ahead.

2 Pray for funding . Pray for 360 degrees, for people to sow into this. Pray for advocates and strategies to see this goal met.

3 Pray for our communities. Pray that He be reflected in big and small ways. Pray that walls be rebuilt. Pray for the safety of our families and children. Pray for effective solutions to problems that face us all. Pray for a unified heart to make a difference.

4 Pray for our staff and leaders. Pray for protection upon the families, health, peace, wisdom, strength, favor …

Arohanui...Island Breeze New Zealand

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