The Island Breeze Production has been the very vehicle by which Island Breeze has been most visible. Since the beginning of Island Breeze Aotearoa the production has been used primarily as an evangelistic tool where thousands of people here in NZ and overseas either heard or responded to the Gospel truths through the presentation.

In the past couple of years we have continued to take bookings based on the availability of people to cover positions such as dancer or musician. We do not have a solid "production team" that practises regularly like that of the past but we do have previous members we can draw from should we accept a booking.

We have decided to look at each booking individually and decide from there. Some bookings we can maintain and others we cannot therefore at this stage we are unable to:

-perform at weddings.

-perform at Birthday celebrations.

If you would like to discuss anything in regards to the production i.e, how can I join, when will there be a fully established team, do you still train or any other enquiry, contact Marina through the Island Breeze office.


The concept of the Island Breeze Production originated in Kona, Hawaii, in 1985 when the founder, Sosene Le'au, sought to create opportunities to educate, celebrate and showcase a living history of the diverse cultures of Polynesia.
Island Breeze New Zealand has developed a reputation as a high-energy, professional cultural performing group. The group is dedicated to sharing the beauty, joy and authenticity of the diverse cultures of Polynesia. The group showcases the cultures of Polynesia in a show the whole family can enjoy. Committed to maintaining the dignity of the people of Polynesia, Island Breeze is dedicated to wholesome entertainment.

The group includes members from New Zealand, Brazil, and Australia. Island Breeze New Zealand is a part of Island Breeze International who operates cultural performance groups in Hawaii, Australia Puerto Rico, Philippines and Florida, USA.

During their 11 years of existence in New Zealand the group has performed at a variety of conferences, conventions, schools, government functions and community events. The Island Breeze New Zealand performance team has also been called upon to perform outside of New Zealand in such nations as the United States, Australia, Spain, Tonga and have also toured extensively here in New Zealand.

The group has been privileged to participate in a performance for the King of Tonga, His Majesty Taufahau Tupou IV, in conjunction with Island Breeze groups from Hawaii and Australia.

Their international performances include participation in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and television appearances in the United States.

The group's performance is a colorful pageantry of the traditions, dances, music, costumes and history of Polynesia. The focus is to bring dignity and honour to the Polynesian people and share our proud heritage with visitors to our land.

Not only does Island Breeze New Zealand perform the indigenous Maori dances and protocols but they perform eloquent exponents of the dances of Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. It is their ability to maintain the authenticity of these diverse cultural expressions which has drawn and continues to draw many people to their show.


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