Rongo Te Ao (RTA) is a ministry of Island Breeze New Zealand. The heart of Rongo Te Ao is to create platforms that are both relevant and obtainable for Maori and those called to work with them in the areas of missions and discipleship. It is our desire to see Maori walk in the fullness of who God has created them to be and to discover the influence He has intended them to have within the nations.

Rongo Te Ao explained: The concept of RTA comes from 'inside' the wharenui, the realm of Rongo (peace). Rongo also has to do with the emotions and is linked to words like Rongoa (medicine, solution) whakarongo (listen). It is about internal things.

Ao has to do with outside the wharenui, being the world, the external things.

Rongo te Ao is the process of knowing God and making Him known!

RTA seeks to:

  • Mobilise Maori into both short and long term missions
  • Creating opportunities for Maori to develop a heart for missions through exposure

Through exposure to missions, provide Maori the opportunity to recognise the contribution they have that is needed in the nations

  • See Maori released into Missions
  • Disciple Maori in ways that are specific and relevant
  • Provide training and mentorship
  • Provide a holistic training basis that reconciles taha Maori with a relationship with Jesus

Define concepts already known to Maori in tikanga that are biblical and provide training on how to implement them to everyday life.

Influence the community

Facilitating programmes for the local Maori community that address life issues. (Parenting, Relationship, Life Skills seminars)

Building relationships that influence people toward knowing Christ. How?

Te Haerenga – “Beyond the Shores of Aotearoa”

Short Term Missions Trips that combine mission exposure with basic discipleship in an environment relevant to Maori.

  • Missions trips to other indigenous groups
  • Discipleship Courses
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Community Events

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