Pacific Quest Discipleship Training School (PQDTS)

Pacific Quest Discipleship Training School (PQDTS) is our international face of Island Breeze. International students come from all over the world to this. PQDTS is a 5-6 month mobile school based in local  tradition indigenous Maori communities. Its outreach is in the Pacific Islands, mainly Tahiti.

This school is a dynamic opportunity for individuals to experience life on the mission field whilst learning about, and growing their relationship, with Jesus. It is also an awesome way to see the true heart of the people we are ministering to as we live amongst them in their unique communities. That's what makes PQDTS unique. More info...


Rongo te Ao

Rongo te Ao is our Maori face of Island Breeze NZ. Its focus is Maori and is in the process of developing into different streams. More info...


  • Te Haerenga - Beyond the shores of Aotearoa

Te Haerenga comes under Rongo te Ao. It is a series of gatherings on local marae which meets for a weekend every 3rd week over a period of 4-5 months. it encourages, affirms and participates in aspects of Maori culture like, te reo (language), kapahaka (songs and haka), maurakau (taiaha drills), raranga (weaving), waka ama (outrigger canoes) and has awesome Maori guest speakers that come and share their story

Te Haerenga is for families, youth, couples, grand parents, children and gathers for a total of 5 weekends and ends with trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks continuing on with Te haerenga bur in another culture and land. More info...


Specifically Pacific

Specifically Pacific is a new initiative which shares and teaches our Polynesian face of Island Breeze NZ to students at a local total immersion Maori School (Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepou).

Students learn a number of things from various islands of the Pacific such as Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji etc. They learn about the people, their songs and dances, their customs and protocol, things about their history and language. They also learn how to cook different dishes from those Islands.

Specifically Pacific also participates and performs in local community events in Tauranga. More info...



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